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Producing the best lamb in the world is simple: Raise farm-selected stock in the finest pastures and process the product to the highest quality standards, resulting in a lamb with the most delicate flavour and perfect tenderness.

Australia produces the best lamb in the world, and Tasmanian Royal® supplies the best lamb in Australia.

Tasmania's midlands to the northern east and west tips provide host to some of the richest untainted pastures and cleanest air in the world.

Today's consumers recognise the importance of food origins in terms of stock management and treatment, use of steroids and growth hormones, residual chemicals and genetically modified food and fodder production, as well as the impact those things have on food quality.

Tasmania is the only Australian State where food production is protected against such things by legislation.

Tasmanian Royal® premium Australian lamb is available only through your trusted local butcher, supplied exclusively by Melrose Wholesale Meats - with a history dating back over 125 years in the Australian Meat Industry.

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