About Tasmanian Royal®

Tasmanian Royal® represents the benchmark in the supply of premium lamb products.

Recognising the demand for consistent highest quality premium lamb and the value it represents, for producers, retailers and consumers alike, we have nurtured and developed the ultimate supply-chain for the premium product range that is Tasmanian lamb.

While ordinary meat wholesale supply starts at the sale yards, Tasmanian Royal starts in the paddock; and not just any paddock! We deal directly with lamb producers in Tasmania, on farms that enjoy year-round optimal feed and climate, and that employ low-stress stock handling methods along with environmentally sustainable farm management practices. Tasmanian Royal® lamb is then processed in strict accordance with MSA quality protocols.

The result is a lamb product range of stunning quality. Tasmanian Royal® lamb is characterised by its outstanding cooking qualities, sweet flavour and mild aroma and makes for a truly remarkable dining experience.

Tasmanian Royal® has fast become renowned in Queenslands top restaurants and meat retail outlets for supplying the finest quality and best value lamb there is.

Tasmanian Lamb

As featurered on ABC's Landline program. Click on the video link here below.

ABC's Landline feature article on Tasmanian Lamb

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